Anonymous asked: spanking


Anonymous asked: It would be fucking awesome if you could i dont know make a list of some of his videos

maybe. i don’t know. here’s a random one

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if james and summer brielle or kayden kross have a movie together?

Yes to both, and there’s some Kayden Kross here

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Anonymous asked: is there a video where james is the one being tied up? love the blog, btw

Probably, and thank you!

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Anonymous asked: ok so there's a video (somewhere) of james deen giving a girl oral sex in the pitch black with like only a torch shining on them, do you know where i could find it/who the girl was it would really help. also im aware you said dont request videos but u had to delete them so yeah, if you could it would help a horny girl out a lot, thank you :)

Kristina Rose from “Manhandled 4” can be found here

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